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"The Universality of Incest" -- An encyclopedic survey of the sexual molestation of children around the world today, with statistical evidence that the majority of children have been sexually seduced by their caretakers

"Darkness Invisible" -- First-hand accounts by a leading child psychiatrist of how psychotherapists are still blind of the suffering of sexually abused children

"Adult-Child Sexual Pairs" -- The nations's leading expert on pedophiles analyzes their unconscious motivations

"Maternal Invest" -- How more mothers use their children erotically than is commonly believed

"The Sexual Molestation of Children in History" -- How the family bed has been an incestuous bed for centuries, from the routine molestation of children in antiquity to recent decades

"The Law's Blindness Toward Incest" -- How the legal code is more lenient toward those who "grow their own" children to molest


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